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 The association is developing projects that will promote brotherhood and unity among Janiuaynons in North America, foster cooperation with other nationalities and ethnic groups, encourage growth and development of its members and extend help and services to our hometown in Janiuay.

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Sample Scholarship Terms:

Amount: The scholarship will encompass a continuous 12 month disbursement until the recipient graduates which will include: Full tuition and miscellaneous fees, books and school-related costs not to exceed the peso equivalent of 80 dollars per year and living allowance not to exceed the peso equivalent of 80 dollars per month.

Fund Disbursement: Full tuition and miscellaneous fees will be sent 1-2 weeks before enrolment. It is the responsibility of the recipient to inform the scholarship coordinator 2-3 weeks before the start of the term the full tuition and miscellaneous amount. Books and school-related costs will be sent in 2 intallments: $40 dollars at the start of the 1st semester and the 2nd $40 dollars at the start of the 2nd semester. Living allowance will be sent at the start of each month. RemitHome will be used for the fund disbursement. The grantee will receive the funds in peso currency. Funds will be available for pick-up at the start of each month at the following location: Development Bank of the Philippines, Jaro Branch, Jalandoni Building, Corner Rizal and Arguelles St. Jaro, Iloilo City. RemitHone requires two forms of identification before receiving the money. At least one of the IDs must be a photo ID that shows the recipient's legal name as noted by the sender. Some documents that are acceptable for identity verification are current or expired passport, driver's licence, current major credit card with picture and specimen signature, school or company ID with picure, postal ID, birth certificate, voter's ID, baranggay ID, NBI police clearance with photograph, or other official ID. Recipients picking up money at a bank branch are also sent a Reference Number that they must present at the bank.


Recipient: 1. Send (preferable through email but snail mail is acceptable) the full tuition and miscellaneous amount to the JEF Scholarship Coordinator 2-3 weeks before each semester. 2. Pick up funds from the designated bank each first week of the month. 3. Send a progress report (preferably through email but snail mail is acceptable) at the end of each term (1st, 2nd semester and summer)to the JEF scholarship coordinator that will include the following: Course Grades, Reflections (a minimum of 200 word reflection of the semester's highlights, things learned, things improved at, mistakes made, things needed to work on, goals achieved and any others) 4. Communicate through email, text, call or write to the JEF Scholarship Coordinator any questions and concerns that may arise during the tenure of the scholarship

Family/Parents of the Recipient: 1. Ensure that the recipient fulfills his/her scholarship responsibilities. 2. Provide moral support and educational guidance that cannot be provided by the scholarship to guarantee not only the educational success of the recipient but his/her personal growth and development. 3. Alert the JEF scholarship coordinator of any problems immediately through text, email or phone. 4. Communicate with the EF scholarship coordinator any questions and concerns that may arise during the tenure of the scholarship.

 Contact Information: Any questions, concerns, reports and documents should be sent to the JEF Scholarship Coordinator

Emilia Patricia Tirador-Zarco M.D. M.Ed.

2 Bobann Drive, Nesconset, NY 11767

Phone: 631 672 5282           Email: