We are developing projects....
  • that will promote brotherhood and unity among Janiuaynons in North America
  • foster cooperation with other nationalities and ethnic groups
  • encourage the socio-cultural growth of JANA members and
  • extend help and services to our hometown in Janiuay.



Letter of Request


Coming Soon! 

Balik- Janiuay was inspired by our Philippine Consulate in New York General, the Honorable Cecilia Rebong. We are going to set a date next year to come home TOGETHER to Janiuay. We will work with our Consulate Office in New York, the Philippine Department of Tourism and the Janiuay Town Officials to lay out the plans and activities for the BIG HOMECOMING!

For the time being, start saving for the trip home next year. We are going to keep you posted.

Note:  Pahuway-huway as in Rest & Recreation in our hometown.



...libro mo nga itao, manggad sang kaaram, abtik sa pag-isip para malab-ot

ang damgo nga namuukan kag nabugtawan sang aton mga kabataan.

The Book Donation Project seeks to benefit young Janiuaynons by expanding the range of reading materials available to them. We would like you to share any books you may have that you feel would be valuable para sa aton kasimanwa. We also would like you to help us identify our local schools in Janiuay, both in the poblacion and the baranggays. We have currently one drop-off center in the northeast US and more will be designated as we get more volunteers. We would like to continue the legacy that the Suarez Memorial Library has started.


If you are interested, contact:

Bebing Reteracion-Espinosa

11 Brewster Circle

Old Bridge, New Jersey 08807

Phone: 732 604 4324



The Janiuay Education Fund is a scholarship program that tries to match a sponsor (Janiuaynons living in the USA) and a scholar (deserving student in Janiuay). The cost and terms of the scholarship would be agreed upon by the sponsor and the scholar. The scholarship can be provided for a high school, associate, bachelors, masters or doctoral program. We are working to get your scholarship funding tax-deductible.


JEF Scholarship Application.doc JEF Scholarship Application.doc
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If you are interested, contact:

Punay Tirador -Zarco

2 Bobann Drive

Nesconset, NY 11767

Phone: 631 672 5282