Officers & Members April 11, 2009


Our Honorable Consul general Cecilia Rebong proudly inducts our officers.

To the newly elected officers, you have been chosen leaders to unite Janiuaynons into a strong spirit of cooperation.
You are now charge to lead the Janiuay Association of North America into a dynamic group
that seeks to develop the educati
onal, cultural and social growth and development of your members
and to engage in projects that seeks to benefit your hometown in Janiuay.

As you assume your offices, you assume a special responsibility to promote the ideals of the Association.
I encourage you to engage in dynamic leadership, finding strength in each other,  and reaching out to serve all your members and your hometown in Janiuay.


Our newly inducted Officers for 2009-2010

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Alexis "Bobot" Villa  Elmhurst, NY, USA   
Alita Villa-Hipol Elmhurst, NY, USA   
Analiza Magno Catanus Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia March 05, 2009 
Arlyn Acanto Gonzales Westampton, NJ, USA March 03, 2009  
Arturo and Vicky Padoginog  West Hempstead, NY, USA   
Benedicto Buscar  New York, NY, USA   
Bong Tirador Sydney, Australia October 19, 2008 
Carmeda Brana-Padilla Glen Burney, MD, USA   
Cecilia Armada  Woodside, NY, USA   
Cecilia Margarico Armada Calgary, Alberta, CANADA December 03, 2008 
Cedric Tan Tiongco Tobyhanna, PA, USA   
Cezar Billena Bronx, NY, USA October 28, 2008 
Christine Billena Bronx, NY, USA   
Claret Alegario-Ardiente Hollis, New York March 14, 2009  
Daniel Joven C Borro Porter Ranch, California, USA March 18, 2009 
Diosdado Villareal Amargo Fort Worth, Texas, USA December 24, 2008 
Edwin Adorador Estaniel  Phoenix, Arizona, USA December 24, 2008 
Elmo Cava Barranco Washington DC, USA January 28, 2009 
Ernelia Caballero  Brooklyn, NY, USA   
Fedes Marie Abonado - Galutan  Chicago, IL, USA December 01, 2008 
Froilan "Poypoy" Mogato  Victoria, BC, CANADA January 23, 2009 
Gertrudes Tallador Dungo Fremont, California, USA January 05, 2009 
Gregorio Villa Rego Park, NY, USA   
Ike Nobleza Buscar New York, NY, USA October 28, 2008 
Irene (Mamon) Jallorina Lake Forest, California, USA December 30, 2008 
Jose Alex Gerona Acanto Dammam, Eastern Saudi Arabia March 31,2009 
Jose Buscar Sayreville, NJ, USA   
Josefella Alegario-Hernandez San Diego, California March 14, 2009  
Jose Fernando Alegario Sugarland, Texas March 14, 2009  
Josella Alegario Janiuay, Iloilo March 14, 2009  
Josenia Alegario-Acuna Ontario, Canada March 14, 2009  
Josephine Reteracion Old Bridge, NJ, USA   
Josette Armada - Quinere Bergenfield, NJ, USA December 13, 2008 
Jose Vicente Alegario Janiuay, Iloilo March 14, 2009  
Julfort Tirador Hockessin, DE, USA   
Julian Solania Farmingdale, NY, USA   
Juvy Acanto-Gonzales Hamilton, NJ, USA December 04, 2008 
Juvy Amigable -Timan  Watsonville , California, USA February 07, 2009 
Katherine Tirador  Hockessin, DE, USA   
Lea A. Zambra Langdon, Alberta, CANADA  December 04, 2008 
Leo Villareal Clifton, NJ, USA   
Lina Forro Ardiente San marcos, California, USA March 29, 2009 
Linda Maduramente  New York, NY, USA   
Liza Tirador Miller Place, NY, USA   
Lourdes (Langga) Cataluna Cadete Janiuay, Iloilo, PHILS January 05, 2008 
Luz Armada Reteracion Old Bridge, NJ, USA   
Lynnie Buscar Sayreville, NJ, USA   
Mae Villa-Blando  Elmhurst, NY, USA   
Ma. Jeargian Dae Formacion Old Bridge, NY, USA   
Ma. Josette Concepcion Alegario Hollis, New York March 14, 2009  
Maria Natividad Cataluna Cadete  Calgary, Alberta, CANADA  December 10, 2008 
Maria Teresa Barranco-Bonabon  New City, New York, USA January 01, 2009 
Marites Cataluna Cadete Montreal, Quedec, CANADA January 05, 2008  
Ma. Rosario Billena-Estacio  White Plains, NY, USA   
Mary Irene Macaya  Pompton Plains, NJ, USA   
Mercy Dureza Montiague Laurel, MD, USA March 04, 2009 
Myrna Villa  Elmhurst, NY, USA   
Ninoh Casanares Villa  Montreal, Quedec, CANADA January 05, 2009  
Punay Tirador-Zarco Nesconset, NY October 19, 2008 
Ramona Billena  White Plains, NY, USA   
Raul Tirador Miller Place, NY, USA October 23, 2008 
Ray "Boy" Armada Calgary, Canada March 08, 2009 
Renato Margarico Armada Schererville, Indiana, USA March 14,2009 
Ricardo "Butchoy" Buscar  Jersey City, NJ, USA   
Robert Llanora Padoginog Livingston, NJ, USA December 15, 2008 
Romeo Estrada Belleville, NJ, USA   
Rosa Binas Lutero  Washington DC, USA January 29, 2009 
Roy Alexis Armada Parlin, NJ, USA October 27, 2008 
Ruje Llanora Frankfort, Kentucky, USA  December 16, 2008 
Ruperto Villadares  Belleville, NJ, USA 
Teodulo Reteracion  Old Bridge, NJ, USA   
Uriel Perla Sabando Cypress, California, USA March 19, 2009 
Vivelyn Reteracion-Espinosa  Old Bridge, NJ, USA October 27, 2008 
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