Angie, Pertz and their son Ryan

 "Pertz" as his friends and classmates fondly call him is a new breed of "Global Janiuaynon Ambassador"
that will reach out and unite all Janiuaynons in North America and eventually the world.
He is our hard working Public Relations Officer.
Pertz is the son of the late LT. Ruperto Villadarez Sr. PC (ret) and Emilia Salcedo nga taga Aquino Nobleza East.

Proof of his boldness and focus to reach his dreams is his inspiring migration story
"kag siguro nabati-an man ninyo ang mga inagyan ni Pertz and how he overcame them". 
He arrived in the US in November 1993 and from his own words, "I struggled to survive.. by all means
until I finally met my my wife, the former Angie Santos a native from Pasig".

Pertz graduated as a Civil Engineer at the Western Institute of Technology, class 1987. 
His hard work and loyalty in Amerisource Bergen Company had paid off as he was hired until today
with his current employer, the Unigene Laboratory, Inc., in Boonton, New Jersey. 
His lovely and caring wife Angie is presently employed at the UMDNJ Hospital Emergency Department.

They are blessed with a son, Ryan Villadarez now in the 7th Grade
in the Good Shepherd Academy in Nutley, New Jersey. 

Ryan is a member of basketball team and a straight A student.


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