Welcome gid ang tanan.

"......everybody was happy, our meeting was very succesfull through the support of our kasimanwa here, the Villa family and others. The Brana family was present too.  It's a nice feeling daw nag bakasyon ka lang sa Janiuay "                                
                                                         - Pertz Villadarez

"....we need to elect the officials to run and continue what we have started. Toto Ike Buscar was our president at that time"                     - Cezar Billena
                 (from his email to Bebe Barranco-Bonabon)


Our previous president, Toto Ike Buscar in action, "approve dayun'! 

Mae Villa preciding the meeting

all eyes and ears gid ang tanan kay Romeo Estrada

 Our group picture after we elected Bodol Tirador as our President and the rest of our officers for 2008 - 2009.