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especially kay Ronnie Poblacion.
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Ang pinalangga naton nga Patron sang Janiuay

Saint Julian of Cuenca (Julian of Burgos) (Spanish: San Julián de Cuenca) (1127-January 28, 1208) was the second bishop of Cuenca, Spain, and was also a professor, hermit, priest, and preacher.

Born in Burgos, he studied at the cathedral school there and then studied at the university at Palencia, earning his doctorate there. He was appointed professor of philosophy and theology there in 1153.

During his time in Palencia, Julian worked as a basket-maker and maker of other trade goods in order to earn extra money for the poor of the city, as well to support himself.

In 1163, at the age of 35, he left Palencia to live a life of solitude in a modest house outside of Burgos, located on the banks of the Arlanzón.ordained (in 1166) and received minor orders, and together with a young companion, Lesmes, lived a life of mortification and contemplation.He was 

Subsequently, he and Lesmes took to the road as itinerant preachers, reaching Córdoba and Toledo (in 1191). The archbishop of Toledo, Martín II López de Pisuerga, appointed Julian as archdeacon at Toledo. Along with his administrative duties, Julian continued preaching as well as making baskets in order to raise money for the poor. Julian served for 5 years as archdeacon at Toledo.

Juan Yáñez, the first bishop of Cuenca, died on December 14, 1195; Julian was chosen by Alfonso VIII of Castile to succeed Yáñez in June 1196. The diocese of Cuenca had been established in 1183 after the city of Cuenca had been conquered from the Moors by Alfonso VIII on September 21, 1177.

As bishop, Julian continued his preaching, reformed the practices of the local clergy, and did charity work for the Christians, Jews, and Muslims of his city. On a yearly basis, he would retire to the country to live a life of solitude and contemplation, and continued his habit of making baskets. 

A legend associated with Julian is that Jesus Christ appeared to him in the guise of a beggar in order to thank him.

Julian died on January 28, 1208.

Source: Wikipedia

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Welcome gid ang tanan mag padara ka mga pictures especially halin sa pinalangga naton nga banwa,.
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Bebing, Leo and Nening Reteracion

Janiuaynon Global Ambassador

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Doloy Reteracion

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Janiuaynon Kids

Girlie and Family

Norma Brana & Luz Reteracion

Pictures courtesy of our VP Cezar Billena & Michelle Tirador Zarco

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Janiuaynon Youth Rocks !

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