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Flags of the different countries that our website has been accessed. Salamat gid sa tanan naton nga Kasimanwa for sending out our message around the world.  UGYON JANIUAYNON !

"....Heavenly Father, you guide everything in wisdom and love.  Accept our prayers of thanksgiving we offer for giving us Janiuaynons in this part of the world whose humble purpose is to unite and be of support to every Janiuaynon and every Filipino who are in need....   We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen".  -   EXCERP FROM UGYON JANIUAYNON PRAYER BY FR JOE CORNELIA


Our JANA Auditor Roy Armada & his lovely wife Judy @ Ugyon Janiuaynon 2009

Honorable Consul General Cecilia Rebong inducts our JANA officers for 2009 to 2010
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Ang mga matahum kag maaya-aya nga welcome committee,
L to R standing, Alita Villa-Hipol, Mae Villa-Blando, Cecile Armada, Myrna Villa and seated, Vivelyn Reteracion-Espinosa.

VP Cezar Billena, Angie Villadares, Mommy, Emilie Padoginog, Juvy Acanto-Gonzales, Robert Padoginog, Benice Gonzales, Bong bong Villareal,

PRO Pertz Villadarez, Elmo Barranco.  Kilala ninyo man sanda sigurado.

Turing Padoginog and his lovely wife enjoying the moment. Holiday Inn spacious hall, gutok gid ka Janiuaynon.
We miss you all Janiuaynons out there. Ugyon ta liwat ?

      Himu-on ta duha ka adlaw ang Ugyon para sulit sa sunod.  Agree kamo?

We are all proud Janiuaynon !

After UGYON... @ the bar.  Nami gid kung giya kamo tanan.
Mercy Dureza, Sonia Llanora-Villa, Juvy Acanto-Gonzales, Elmo Barranco, Nok-nok Acanto
Let's party again!


Photo courtesy of Roy Armada
Welcoming all our Kasimanwa and guests

Welcome mga Kasimanwa kag mga Bisita.

I am deeply honored to serve as the Public Relations Officer of the Janiuay
Association of North America and very happy to WELCOME all of you sa aton nga
pagtiriringub karon nga gab-i. I would like to greet our honored guests:

Mrs. Cecilia Rebong, our Philippine Consul General for New York

Mr. Rene Palma, President of Kahirup

Mr. Jerry Austria, President of the Philippine Independence Day Council,

Fr. Donato Cabardo, President of the Sta. Barbara Association East Coast, USA

Manny Sagun, President of the Philippine American Association of the Bronx, Inc.

Our very own Mrs. Corazon Duma – ex-President of the Iloilo Society of
America Foundation, Incorporated

And our first president of Janiuaynons in the East Coast, Mr. Ike Buscar

As we gather together tonight,

let us celebrate our heritage as Janiuaynons,
let us renew old ties,
let us welcome our guests and strengthen our friendships, and
let us unite and work to benefit ang pinalangga naton nga banwa sa Janiuay!

On behalf of the Janiuay Association of North America, I welcome you all to
Ugyon Janiuaynon 2009… Mabuhay!!!




My family and I are very thankful to you and your family for your comforting words of condolence on the death of my father.
Your thoughtfulness during this difficult time for our family is greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards,                                                                                        
Roy, Judy and Family

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